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Play as Johnny

Saved game that allows you to play as Johnny Silverhand and roam the streets

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Play as Johnny Savegame by Perseus


Extract the contents of the archive, "" to the following directory: "C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077"
If you already have a save folder with the same name, make sure you backup the original folder so that you don't lose any data
Open the game and load the save file named: "ManualSave-240"

Useful Information (What you can/can't do with Johnny)

  • When you load the game, you'll be inside V's apartment and will be forever stuck on the quest, "Love Like Fire."
  • You will not be able to take out Johnny's weapon in safe locations, such as your house.
  • You can sleep in your apartment, and doing so will cause a headless copy of V to appear and sleep in your bed. Once he wakes, he will continue to stand in the location of your bed.
  • The weather system is enabled for heavy rain throughout the city that seemingly doesn't end.
  • Teleporting in world can be accomplished by using the latest build of Yamashi's CyberEngineTweaks console (
    • Teleport to V's apartment

    • tp = Game.GetTeleportationFacility()
    • tp:Teleport(Game.GetPlayer(),,1278,124,1),,0,0))
  • You may encounter strange results and crashes when referencing the "PlayerPuppet".
  • While in this state, you cannot open the map, use your inventory, nor progress further in the story.
  • You can use the 'N' photo mode and take pictures as Johnny; however, while in a vehicle, you will be headless.
  • You can interact with the trainer vendor outside of V's apartment and sell/purchase items; however, you'll be in "Johnny's inventory," not V's.
  • You can sell your pistol to a vendor, but you will be unable to repurchase it.
  • You cannot pick up items on the ground located within chests and the like.
  • The money you'll see while inside of a vendor menu is what V has in his player inventory, not Johnny's.
  • You can purchase other clothes and weapons; however, you cannot equip/use them on Johnny.
  • You cannot use fast travel locations. If you get stuck in the menu, pressing escape will bring up the city's full map, but you cannot teleport anywhere.
  • If you teleport anywhere in the world using the fast travel machine, a copy of your parent body, a headless V, will appear in the location you've specified.
  • Johnny can interact with NPC's, some vendors, vehicles, etc.
  • You cannot run over nor damage pedestrians, the police, gang members, etc., while in a vehicle (Similar to Delamain).


Version 1.0.0
- Initial upload

Available versions

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