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Made for Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod creation. This library includes many utilities and custom ImGui widgets, and a custom color scheme matching Cyberpunk 2077 UI.

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This project can be found at https://github.com/Nats-ji/CPStyling.lua

What is this

Made for Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod creation.
This is a set of color schemes and widgets I made to match the style of Cyberpunk 2077's UI.
I also included some useful functions for easier and faster ImGui styling.

Please make PR if you want to fix bugs or make improvements

How to use

  1. Add this library to your mod's requirements list [Github] | [Nexus]
    (You do not need to include this lib in your mod)
  2. Require CPStyling
    lua CPS = GetMod("CPStyling"):New() -- Read below to learn how to use custom theme theme = CPS.theme color = CPS.color

*This project is still WIP, will add more widgets. You can also download the demo to play with it yourself.


Projects using this library

CP77-TetrisArcade [Nexus] | [Github] CP77-Braindance Protocol [Nexus] | [Github]
Imgur Imgur

Custom theme

  1. To use custom theme, you need to put your mod's name in GetMod("CPStyling"):New("your_mod_name")
    lua CPS = GetMod("CPStyling"):New("your_mod_name")
  2. Duplicate ./themes/default.lua and rename it to your_mod_name.lua
  3. Change the color scheme in your_mod_name.lua as you like
  4. Package your mod like this:
    .\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\ ├─ CPStyling │ └─ themes │ └─ your_mod_name.lua └─ your_mod_name ├─ init.lua └─ ...


--Setup the style for a new window and it&#x27;s content.
-- ImGui.Begin("I&#x27;m a window")
-- ImGui.End()

--Setup the style for frame items (Checkbox, Combobox, Inputbox, etc.),
--Needs to be put inside ImGui.Begin() and ImGui.End() or window&#x27;s title will also be bordered.

--Same as ImGui.PushStyleColor(ImGuiCol.style, r, g, b, a), but can take any color format.
CPS.colorBegin(style, color)
-- style (string):                       style = "Text"
-- color can be u32 (number):            color = 0x00000000
-- color can be rgb (table):             color = { 0.40 , 0.17 , 0.12 }
-- color can be rgba (table):            color = { 0.40 , 0.17 , 0.12 , 0.5 }
-- color can be hex (string):            color = "#672b1f"  color = "672b1f"
-- color can be hex with alpha (table):  color = { "672b1f", 0.5 }
CPS.colorEnd(count) --Same as ImGui.PopStyleColor(count)

CPS.colorBegin("Button", { 1, 0, 0, 1 })
CPS.colorBegin("Button", "672b1f")
CPS.colorBegin("Button", theme.Button)  -- get color from theme.lua
CPS.colorBegin("Button", color.blue)  -- get color from styles.lua
ImGui.Button("I&#x27;m a Button")

--Same as ImGui.PushStyleVar()
CPS.styleBegin(style, var1)
CPS.styleBegin(style, var1, var2)
-- Same as ImGui.PushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar.style, var1, var2)
-- style (string):              style = "ChildRounding"
-- var1 (float), var2 (float)
CPS.styleEnd(count)  -- Same as ImGui.PopStyleVar(count)

CPS.styleBegin("FrameBorderSize", 5)
ImGui.Button("I&#x27;m a bordered button", 200, 30)

Cyberpunk Style Widgets



press = CPS:CPButton(label)
press = CPS:CPButton(label, sizex, sizey)
-- label (string), sizex (float), sizey (float)
-- Returns press (bool)

btn1 = CPS:CPButton("Btn1")
btn2 = CPS:CPButton("Btn2", 50, 30)



value, press = CPS:CPToggle(label, label_on, label_off, value, sizex, sizey)
-- label (string), label_on (string), label_off (string), value (bool), sizex (float), sizey (float)
-- Returns value (bool), press (bool)

value, press = CPS:CPToggle("Toggle godmode", "OFF", "ON", value, 180, 0)



CPS:CPToolTip1Begin(sizex, sizey)
-- ImGui.Text("This is a CPToolTip1")

CPS:CPToolTip2Begin(sizex, sizey)
-- ImGui.Text("This is a CPToolTip2")



press = CPS:CPRect1(label, sizex, sizey, color, border_color [O], border_size [O], border_rounding [O], textalignx [O], textaligny [O])
-- lable (string), sizex (float), sizey (float), color (any format), border_color (any format)
-- border_size (float), border_rounding (float), textalignx (float), textaligny (float)
-- Returns press (bool)

CPS:CPRect2(text_id, sizex, sizey, color)
-- text_id (string), sizex (float), sizey(float), color (any format)
-- Faster than CPRect1 but without return value.
-- Also used in CPS.CPDraw()

-- Draw a red 50x50 Circle
CPS:CPRect1("##circle", 50, 50, {0,0,0,0}, color.red, 5, 25)
-- Draw a green rounded rectangle with a brown border and text inside aligned to the right.
CPS:CPRect1("I&#x27;m the text", 150, 50, color.green, color.brown, 3, 10, 1, 0.5)

loadPNG and CPDraw:


-- Load a png image from file
file = io.open(path_to_png, "rb")
image = CPS.loadPNG(file)
-- Return image = { wdith = int, height = int, pixels = {
                                                              [1]:{ R, G, B, A },
                                                              [2]:{ R, G, B, A },
-- Draw the png image
CPS:CPDraw(text_id, image, scale)
-- text_id (string), image (table), scale (number)

file = io.open("./images/logo.png", "rb")
image = CPS.loadPNG(file)
CPS:CPDraw("logo", image, 5)

Color Names


ImGui style names





Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

Upload date Version number Downloads Download link  
2021-3-30 1.2.1 116 Version 1.2.1 Install